Welcome to RealFsx Virtual Airlines

This is the official airline for RealFsx Flight Simulations. *Please Register at RealFsx before applying here. You can use our virtual airline to build a realistic career like environment where you can gain hours, and awards as you fly like normal with our trained Air Traffic Controllers. To apply please go to the Registration page under Careers.

Once you have applied and your application accepted, log in using your email or pilot ID with your password. After you're logged in, navigate to the help page of our website. There you will find exactly how to set up your acar software, and start flying. The flights you complete have an acceptance policy. Your PIREP (Pilot Report) will only be accepted if you get a landing rate of -800 FPM or better. You can fly anywhere, anytime, and any aircraft you want. While flying you should be at your computer throughout the duration of the flight.

Recent Arrivals

Pilot Flt # Aircraft Dept - Arrv Ld Rate Status
RFX1845 169 A321 LFMN  - LFRS -272 fpm Arrived
RFX1845 168 B350 SVCN  - SVCS -492 fpm Arrived
RFX1845 167 B350 ELLX  - LFMN -108 fpm Arrived
RFX1845 166 B773 UUEE  - EPWA -103 fpm Arrived
RFX1737 344 A321 EIDW  - LSZH -259 fpm Arrived
RFX1845 165 B350 LFSD  - LFHA -92 fpm Arrived
RFX1845 164 B350 LESO  - LFLB -189 fpm Arrived
RFX1845 163 B738 FYWH  - FACT -126 fpm Arrived
RFX1845 162 B738 EETN  - EYVI -276 fpm Arrived
RFX1762 1322 B350 EFHK  - ESSA -641 fpm Arrived
RFX1845 161 B772 UKBB  - URSS -191 fpm Arrived
RFX1762 1244 A343 EFKU  - LIPZ -217 fpm Arrived
RFX1762 1255 A343 EFHK  - EFKU -490 fpm Arrived
RFX1737 6090 B744 KORD  - EGLL -232 fpm Arrived
RFX1845 160 LJ45 EKCH  - LKPR -126 fpm Arrived


RealFsx Virtual has a series of awards involving the best landings, and flying to different places. Once you meet the criteria of the award, you will receive an award that will be displayed in your Pilot Center. If you don't see your award and you think you met the criteria, please fill out a contact us form on RealFsx.

Bronze Landing
Landing rates
-200 to -150 fpm

Silver Landing
Landing rates
-150 to -50 fpm

Gold Landing
Landing rates
-50 to 0 fpm)

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Pilot Ranks

RealFsx has a series of Pilot Ranks, and they are based on the amount of hours you have, so you are free to fly any aircraft of your choosing.

Private Pilot
0 Hours

20 Hours

First Officer
40 Hours

Commercial Capt.
60 Hours

ATP Captain
80 Hours