Flight N3PA

  • Submitted By: Colin OSullivan
  • Departure Airport: Kahului Airport (PHOG)
  • Arrival Airport: Barking Sands Pmrf Airport (PHBK)
  • Aircraft: B58 (N7261)
  • Flight Time: 01.11
  • Date Submitted: 08/24/2014
  • Status: Accepted


Commenter Comment
Colin OSullivan We flew off of runway 2 at Echo in Kahului and had a long climb up to 22,000. On the approach we had horrible weather. The visibility started to decrease as soon as we were leaving the Honolulu airspace. We came in to land on runway 34 in Barking Sands. I figure we probably had too much weight because of fuel - which is the reason it took us a long time to get up to 220. We had less than 1 mile visibility on the landing and an 11 knot crosswind making things even worse, we managed to get a -300 something landing rate which wasn't too bad considering the conditions we were in. Now onto PMDY! Route: PHOG PHBK

Route Map